Personalized attention and respect for the environment differentiates us, which is why our clients give us the trust to devise the best alternative that satisfies their Events and Travel preferences.


Corporate Travel

We organize all types of events and recreational activities thinking about the large number of national and international passengers who visit our country every day, especially the central area of Valparaíso, Viña del Mar and Santiago.

We have excellent alternatives to serve business, sports, cultural and educational delegations.

We understand the importance of human resource management in our corporate/group division and with this we create an offer that will help your company maintain the motivation of your team and better develop your professional skills or simply reward your work team.


Viajes Incentivos

  • Incentive Trips
  • What your Company needs.
  • We evaluate the alternatives.
  • We design the offer.
  • We integrate services.
  • We believe that personal development and strengthening a TEAM in the company helps organizations achieve better results.
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This is why our Corporate Tourism team is in charge of developing proposals that add value to your incentive trips.
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We have technical and specific alliances with dozens of national and foreign suppliers to develop our work in the best way.


Experiences & Tours

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Valparaiso Elevators Tour

A journey through the history and present of these mythical electronic artifacts that hang from the hills of Valparaíso. Special for colleges, schools and all types of educational institutions. Polanco, Artillery, Cordillera, El Peral, Reina Victoria. Going up and down some of them will be real entertainment.
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Chile Vineyards Route

The three main valleys Casablanca, Maipo and Colchagua where the best world wines are produced, which are distributed throughout the world, red and white, we will learn about the processes and history of the founding families, harvests and tastings.
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Full Day Classic Tour

From 10 AM we tour the main attractions of the city. We enjoyed the viewpoints, the colorful labyrinth of Cerro Alegre and Concepción, the heritage port sector, home of artists and poets, and the colorful boats from the Prat Pier. Coastal afternoon in Viña del Mar.
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Isla Negra & Southern Coast Tour

House of the poet NERUDA, beaches in the sector, San Alfonso del Mar or about 45 minutes in the direction of Melipilla, visit POMAIRE. Typical Chilean food such as casseroles, corn cakes, ribs, potatoes, pebre all in a classic setting (GREDA)
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Viña del Mar Coastal Edge Tour -Con-Con

We tour the beautiful coast from Viña del Mar to Con-Con (NORTH). We know the coastal viewpoints, dunes and typical places for tasting seafood. We recommend beautiful sunsets facing the Pacific Ocean. Nature will surprise you!
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Santiago City

Santiago is a city rich in history and diversity. Unmissable monuments such as Palacio La Moneda, Museo San Francisco, Plaza de Armas, Cerro Santa Lucia, Cerro San Cristóbal, Barrio Bellavista, Costanera Center and a view from the top taking the cable car. Specialist and local guides will show us the city. Join up
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Pomaire and the Greda route

A spectacular experience where we can enjoy the best typical foods of the Chilean countryside and crafts based on clay in the picturesque little town of Pomaire. Departures from Region V or from Santiago. We can complement with visits to the coast, Cartagena & San Alfonso del Mar among others
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Sports and nature tourism

We organize Full Day outdoor activities to enjoy the North Coast coast, such as Karting competitions in Ritoque, paragliding, horseback riding and picnic lunches. Maitencillo, Puchuncavi, Zapallar and Papudo Points.


Transfer y logística de transportes

We provide comprehensive solutions to groups or individuals to carry out transportation logistics for your event, meeting or leisure activity, adventure, sports meetings, congresses or seminars in the city, taking care of details, implementing human resources and coordinators. We adapt all schedules
We work in various areas such as Santiago, La Serena, Valparaiso Region and Rancagua, preferably with interregional trips.
We have buses, minibuses, vans and sprinters with professional drivers who are knowledgeable about the area as well as guides and coordinators with an emphasis on quality service.

Private transfers of the highest quality for the relaxation of our clients.

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